Environmental Auditors

Environmental performance

Our reviews are designed to kick start an organisation's environmental management program for improved environmental performance.

We've designed our methodology to provide fast results. Our methodology is based on best practice, such as ISO 14015 Environmental management - Environmental assessment of sites and organisations, and HB 206 Initial Environmental Review, and our own experience.

Our environmental performance reports include a snap shot of current performance, and both recommendations and direction for organisations. Where deemed necessary we may also recommend additional specialist advice, such as through conducting energy audits by qualified and experienced consultants.

The amount of information we collect will vary because organisations choose the amount of time and resources it invests in this review. For example a small organisation with 50 employees may choose a 1 day onsite review with an additional 2 days offsite for data review and report writing, while a larger organisation with offices based throughout Australia may choose 2 days onsite at their Melbourne and Sydney facilities, and 5 days offsite to review of data from all locations with report writing time. The exact scope is up to the organisation. Generally, an environmental performance review report will be issued within 1-2 weeks after the site visit.

Our environmental performance reviews are based on our environmental performance checklists and requires us to review the following:

Activities, products and services

Air emissions

Community concerns

Compliance with licenses

Consumption of materials

Dangerous goods and hazardous substances

Discharges to water and land

Emergency management

Energy consumption

Environmental incidents

Environmental training

Legal compliance

Materials stored and processed

Noise issues

Offsite activities

Procedures and documents

Supplier and contractor considerations

Waste management

Wastewater management

Water consumption


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ISO 14001 audits

Environmental performance

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Environmental Audits

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