Environmental Auditors

Environment, OHS and quality policies

Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Auditors will work with our clients to minimise and reduce the environmental impacts of their activities, products and services. We believe in providing the highest standard of service to our clients and being a leader in applying sound environmental management principles.

As required, when attending a client's site to undertake work we will complete an HSE Risk Assessment to assess our environmental aspects and impacts. Control mechanisms will be assessed as part of this process to eliminate or reduce likely impacts.

We will assess our environmental impacts and eliminate or minimise such impacts. We personally aim not to be wasteful of resources, eliminate or minimise pollution, comply with all relevant legislation and minimise our carbon footprint.

OHS Policy

Our Environmental Auditors acknowledge the importance of sound health and safety practices within the workplace.

As required, when attending a client's site to undertake work we will complete an HSE Risk Assessment to assess the OHS hazards and risks. During this process clients may be requested to communicate their site hazards. We will follow the client's safety rules and instructions.

Our Environmental Auditors will maintain skills in first aid. We will provide our Environmental Auditors with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as directed by our clients. PPE will be regularly maintained. Incidents will be recorded, investigated as required and communicated to clients as instructed.

Quality Policy

We are committed to providing superior services in environmental consulting; providing a high level of client service; operating in a responsible social, environmental, ethical, and professional manner; to comply with all legal requirements; and to continuously improve our services.


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ISO 14001 audits

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