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Environmental Auditors

Qualified, experienced and certified environmental auditors providing specialist audits

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Environmental auditors

For many years now our independent, qualified and experienced environmental auditors have been providing services throughout Australia.

We have a reputation for conducting comprehensive environmental audits and providing detailed recommendations. We have a commitment to the highest standards of professionalism and encourage open discussion during our audits to obtain the very best outcome for our clients.

Our environmental audits are useful tools to quantify an organisation's environmental performance and position. Our third-party certified auditors work with organisations to define the terms of reference to meet their expectations. Environmental audit reports we develop contain an evaluation of performance, as well as, clearly documenting recommendations for continuous improvement.

As experienced and certified environmental auditors we efficiently and effectively conduct audits. As independent environmental auditors from non-traditional consultancies we are able to provide competitively priced environmental audits.

Principal Environmental Auditor

Laura has over 20 years of industry experience. She has completed a Bachelor of Science (Ecology and Conservation), a Master of Environmental Management (Cleaner Production) and a Graduate Diploma of Work Health and Safety. She is a certified as an ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 Lead Auditor.

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We provide environmental auditing and consulting services across Australia.

ISO 14001 audits
ISO 14001 internal audits

We provide internal audits for those organisations looking to improve their ISO 14001 certified EMS.

EMS gap analysis and environmental reviews
Audits for newbies

We provide auditing services for those organisations seeking to develop an EMS & those requiring to improve their environmental performance.

Environmental compliance audit
compliance audits

We can evaluate an organisation's environmental performance & environmental management practices against legal & other requirements, including planning conditions.

Third party environmental audits
Third party audits

We can complete due diligence audits of service providers, suppliers & tenants.

Environmental consultants
Other environmental services

We have the capabilities to develop environmental management plans & systems, & conduct legal & compliance reviews.

OHS consultants
Work health & safety

We provide work health and safety services such as as safety auditing, developing safety management systems conforming to ISO 45001 & legal reviews.



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Environmental audits are tools which can quantify an organisation's environmental performance & position …

Environmental auditing standards
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Benefits of external auditors
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