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Environmental Compliance Audits

Our environmental compliance audits evaluate an organisation's environmental performance and environmental management practices against legal and other requirements.

Understanding and evaluating compliance is another requirement of ISO 14001, as well as, assisting in risk management and addressing the general due diligence requirements of any organisation. Our Environmental Auditors are able to conduct these environmental compliance audits for organisations.

We can also assist organisations with establishing in-house mechanisms for their evaluation. This assists organisations with meeting the requirements of ISO 14001 element 9.1.2 Evaluation of compliance.

We are able to research environmental compliance requirements on the behalf of organisations. We are able to present this information in a user friendly format and in plain English.

It should be noted that we are not lawyers and the information we supply is not legal advice. However, most Environmental Lawyers would only be able to help when an organisation is being prosecuted and require assistance in an attempt to avoid criminal or civil liability; or require direct assistance with a planning application. We, on the other hand, assist organisations demonstrating due diligence and the prevention of pollution. We can do this because we are experienced and qualified environmental professionals, and are experienced at reviewing and applying Australian and New Zealand environmental legislation. We are also very familiar with many types of industries and environmental risk management. Results of audits are kept confidential.